Sigma Detergent Industrial Company is one of the leading Jordanian companies in the manufacture of detergents and sterilizers, as it was launched by its founders who are experienced in the detergent industry.


To be one of industry leaders in Jordan by inhacing our products quality, achieving our customers satisfaction; in frame of distinct working environment for our employees, committing to social and environmental responsibility.


Contribute effectively to economic and social development in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; through the added value we can achieve by continuing development of our products, and looking forward to fullfil the aspirations of our customers.


Our values ​​form the base upon which we can make our decisions and business philosophy, and use both of them to attain our vision and achieve our mission

The attention to creativity and scientific research, in order to enhance our products and achieve aspirations of our customers. And it will also encourage innovation, take care of new ideas, promote creativity and excellence among our employees.

We are working to strengthen our capacity in the field of Quality Assurance & Control, in order to validate continuously the quality which we are working on and desired by our customers and exceed their expectations and obtain their trust.

We respect and appreciate all our customers, welcome openly their suggestions and complaints, and do what we can to achieve their satisfaction upon using our products and services.

Promote wise corporate governance and adopt a culture of organizational excellence

Assure coordination and effective integration among all organization members, in order to perform their tasks skillfully, creatively and perfectly in a stimulating attractive environment

Promote the general management principles, which include the enhancement of transparency in our dealings, applying the highest levels of ethical professionalism and wise governance systems

We relay in our work upon establishing strong links; which forms the basis for a strong strategic relationships with organizations, competitors and employees

We work effectively in a spirit of citizenship to promote the growth and progress of our society. And strive to preserve nature and environment, and put them at the forefront of our priorities


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